Classes at Averill Park High School go on despite leaky roof

Averill Park, NY —  Water from ice accumulation on the high school roof dislodged dust, debris and chunks of ceiling tiles in sections of the building.  One student was even hit with a falling camera.

This wasn’t an episode of “Stranger Things,” but rather a mishap with Mother Nature. As a significant amount of snow on the school’s roof melted, it came right in on students.

“The snow melted on our roof, and everything began to leak,” one student said. “It started out small, and we had cans under small drips, but it grew worse as parts of plaster fell.” The student also said leaks were occurring in halls, stairwells, and rooms. Pieces of plaster lay on the ground, along with multiple missing tiles, and puddles of water accumulated in the gym area. Classes were not cancelled.

Although no injuries were reported, multiple student sources said that a female student was hit in the head from a falling camera. “They sent her to the nurse and sent her back to class,” one source wrote in a direct message on Twitter.

Despite the school’s leaking roof, the district’s superintendent took to Twitter to calm nerves, but students say his clean-up percentages weren’t exactly accurate.


“There is not a reason to close the school,” Averill Park CSD stated in a Twitter message.


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  1. The school ceilings have been doing this since I want here. In this case there’s more damage. What are they going to do when Thursday’s snow storm comes… When the ceilings start doing this in class rooms and all that you should have the students go home. But all this school really care’s about is making money and not the student’s safty

  2. My friend even slipped and fell cause of a puddle that wasnt marked…her knee is pretty badly banged up, she suffered really bad contusion in her knee and is now on crutches! Thank You Averill Park!

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