Bills Decline Matching Offer, Patriots To Sign Hogan

Things have been very quiet in Foxboro during the usually hectic free agency week. But the Patriots did make their first notable move on Friday, signing former Bills wide receiver Chris Hogan to a 3 year deal worth $12 million. Hogan was a restricted free agent, but the Bills declined to match the Patriots offer making the move official.

So, who is this guy? Well, like most Patriot receivers, he’s not very well known. I only know Hogan due to having to watch the Bills as a local team every other Sunday, and the fact that he has played well against the Patriots in his short time with Buffalo. But yeah, the numbers aren’t that fantastic. Hogan stands at 6′ 1″ and weighs about 220 pounds. So basically this move just adds to the Patriots arsenal of dynamic route runners who were never taught how to properly catch a football.  Hogan has whiffed on a few easy catches, but it’s nothing that Brady hasn’t seen before.

Now, to be fair, this was not the Patriots original plan. Plan “A” was to go get one of the Bengals deep ball threats, Marvin Jones or Mohamed Sanu, but that didn’t work out. Despite a valiant effort to sign Sanu, he took the money in Atlanta. And Jones signed in Detroit before the Patriots could even get to him. So now it’s Hogan time in New England.  I think the Patriots made the right move signing Hogan rather than paying the big bucks for Sanu. At the end of the day it would not have been worth it. And thus, the “dumb, dumber and dumbest” receiving core is born. Starring Jules, Danny, and Chris. I’m already jacked up for football.


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