Aidan Joly’s bracketology

Another week in the season down, so that calls for another bracketology. Here is this week’s edition.

Biggest winner: Baylor jumps up to a three seed. They are coming off impressive wins over Michigan State and Louisville this week after a win over Oregon. They are now 6-0 to start the season and are now ranked ninth in the nation, but have a tough test coming up against seventh-ranked Xavier on Saturday.

Biggest loser: Indiana, who did stay at a two seed, lost unexpectedly to Fort Wayne last week, and have fallen to 13th because of that loss. They are 4-1 so far this season, but that loss will not help them come tournament time. They have a huge game coming up against North Carolina on Wednesday night.

Please note: A (*) represents a new team on the bracket.

South Region:

1: Kentucky vs 16: UNC Central/Lamar*
8: San Diego State vs 9: Ohio State
5: Iowa State vs 12: Virginia Tech/SMU*
4: Louisville vs 13: Monmouth
6: Rhode Island vs 11: Arkansas State
3: Gonzaga vs 14: Vermont
7: Notre Dame vs 10: Texas A&M
2: Indiana vs 15: Winthrop

East Region:

1: Villanova vs 16: Texas Southern
8: Michigan vs 9: Temple
5: Oregon vs 12: Oklahoma
4: St. Mary’s vs 13: Middle Tennessee
6: Florida vs 11: Ohio
3: Baylor vs 14: Fort Wayne
7: West Virginia vs 10: Florida State
2: Virginia vs 15: UNC Wilmington

Midwest Region:

1: North Carolina vs 16: New Mexico State/LIU Brooklyn
8: Houston vs 9: Michigan State
5: Butler vs 12: Arkansas
4: Purdue vs 13: Princeton
6: Syracuse vs 11: Minnesota/Colorado
3: UCLA vs 14: Bucknell
7: Maryland vs 10: Texas
2: Xavier vs 15: Eastern Washington

West Region:

1: Kansas vs 16: FGCU
8: USC* vs 9: Wichita State
5: Wisconsin vs 12: VCU
4: Arizona vs 13: Hawaii
6: South Carolina* vs 11: Tennessee State
3: Creighton vs 14: Valparaiso
7: Cincinnati vs 10: California
2: Duke vs 15: Chattanooga

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