The Upstate Courier is dedicated to hyperlocal, community-first coverage in underserved markets across Upstate, New York’s Capital Region. We strive to deliver the day’s news, while simultaneously furthering the careers of our journalists.



Founded as a sports website by a Maple Hill High School student in the spring of 2015, the Upstate Courier is a leading source for local news and community happenings in the Albany, NY metropolitan area.

Best-known for its coverage of area high school and college athletics, the Courier has never lost its routes and still boasts one of the largest coverage areas in the area.

In fall 2016, under the guidance of founder Dylan Rossiter, the Courier was launched as a stand-alone news site to the popular 518 Sports publication. Seven months later, the two sites were merged into the Upstate Courier of today.




Tamara Cookingham Publisher
Dylan Rossiter Editor at Large
Aidan Joly Sports Editor